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Washing and sanitation for the food industry

The cleanliness of your factory is essential to guarantee the quality of your products! Our industrial cleaning service ensures a healthy working environment for your staff and extends the life of your equipment, thus improving their efficiency.

Tailor-made solutions

  • Facility maintenance
  • Warehouse cleaning

Creation of washing and sanitation program

Offered services

✓ Development of programs adapted to your needs , whether daily or periodic.

✓ Regular review and update to ensure constant compliance with best practices.

✓ Development of preventive shock procedures to reduce the risks of contamination and bacterial development.

Specialized cleaning procedures

✓ Tailor-made solutions ensure successful completion of health and food safety inspections.

✓ Adaptability to your budget , timeline and specific requirements.

✓ Close collaboration with our clients to guarantee optimal results.

✓ Highly qualified staff to manage projects of all sizes.

✓ Proven experience in providing complete cleaning, disinfection and sanitation solutions.

Why our services?

✓ Certified expertise

Our teams are trained in HACCP, GMP/GMP, and ISO 9001 standards.

We provide ongoing training to stay at the forefront of industry standards and practices, ensuring our staff excel in food safety.

✓ Advanced technology
Using state-of-the-art cleaning solutions for exceptional results.

We use innovative technologies, such as automated systems and eco-responsible materials, to increase efficiency and reduce our environmental footprint.

✓ Proven results

Our methods prevent cross-contamination and improve the sustainability of your products.

Each operation is rigorously documented to ensure traceability and demonstrate compliance with standards, contributing to continuous improvements and a reduction in contamination incidents.

Frequently asked questions about washing and sanitation

Why use a cleaning and sanitation program?

  • Prevention of the presence of biological hazards such as pathogenic microorganisms
  • Prevention of the presence of food contamination by food spoilage microorganisms
  • Preventing the presence of chemical hazards such as allergens and chemicals used to disinfect and maintain equipment
  • Preventing the presence of physical hazards such as glass, plastic and metal

How can we ensure food safety and extend its shelf life?

Proper cleaning and sanitation of work surfaces, materials, utensils and equipment that come into contact with food reduces the risk of food contamination. These are effective ways to prevent foodborne illness and ensure food safety.

Reduce the presence of microorganisms and prevent the formation of biofilms to avoid food poisoning.

How to comply with the Food Regulations?

Cleaning and sanitation contribute to the safety of food throughout its preparation and, thereby, its compliance with the Food Products Act (CQLR, chapter P-29) and the Food Regulations (RLRQ , chapter P-29, r.1).

How can we prevent biofilms?

A biofilm is made up of bacteria that have the ability to adhere to and multiply on surfaces and parts of equipment. Once they are well fixed there, they secrete substances or gums which allow them to adhere better.

The bacteria contained in the biofilm can break away and be a constant source of contamination for food. The biofilm can also harbor pathogenic bacteria, such as Listeria monocytogenes, E. coli or Salmonella, and cause foodborne illnesses.

Once established, the biofilm provides bacteria with a favorable environment for their survival. It is then difficult to dislodge it. Additionally, it reduces the effectiveness of cleaning and sanitation.

It is necessary to assess the level of risk of micro-bacteriological contamination, select the right products, their dosage and the frequency of their use in order to establish the best cleaning plan while respecting hygiene and food safety standards. . (MAPAQ, HACCP).

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