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Keep your commercial kitchen safe

Cleaning commercial kitchen hoods

Our kitchen hood cleaning service goes beyond simple cleanliness. We guarantee the safety of your culinary space and compliance with NFPA standards.

Increased security

Compliance with NFPA standards

Superior cleaning quality

Cleaning services offered

  • Inspection and cleaning of hoods
    We carefully inspect and clean range hoods to remove grease buildup and ensure optimal operation.
  • Cleaning filters and exhaust ducts (exhaust)
    We clean filters and exhaust ducts to ensure effective ventilation and reduce the risk of fire.
  • Maintenance of kitchen hood fans
    We ensure that fan motor bearings are lubricated with specific mechanical grease to extend the life of your equipment.
  • Cleaning the filters of air exchanger units and Make-Up Air Units
    We clean the filters of air exchanger units and Make-Up Air Units to ensure optimal air quality in your kitchen.

Compliance with cleaning standards

Nuerava has MFS certification. By being an active MFS member, we are certified to apply the norms and standards required by the Canadian government according to the NFPA96 standard (National Fire Protection Association).

✓ NFPA Compliance

✓ Cutting-edge technology

✓ Qualified team

3-step cleaning process

1. Assessment and planning

We start with a free assessment to understand your unique needs. Based on this analysis, we develop a tailor-made cleaning plan , precisely targeting the critical areas of your ventilation system.

2. Deep cleaning

Our experienced technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly clean hoods and ducts, strictly adhering to NFPA 96 standards. This rigorous step removes all hazardous grease and residue, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment.

3. Inspection et certification

Once cleaning is complete, we carry out a thorough inspection to ensure compliance with safety and hygiene standards. You will receive a detailed report as well as a cleaning certification , ensuring a safe and compliant kitchen until the next service.

Frequently asked questions about cleaning commercial kitchen hoods

How important is cleaning?

It is crucial to regularly clean range hoods and exhaust ducts in restaurants to remove grease, food particles and contaminants that build up over time.

This helps maintain a clean and safe kitchen environment and prevents the risk of food contamination.

What are the benefits of regular cleaning?

Increased energy efficiency

A clean hood allows for better air circulation, which increases the performance of your kitchen equipment and reduces energy bills in the long run.

Reinforced environmental security

Reduce health risks by removing grease particles from your kitchen air, providing a healthier work environment for your employees and customers.

Protection of staff health

A clean work environment promotes employee well-being, which results in higher productivity and fewer absences due to illness.

Mold prevention

By cleaning your hood regularly, you reduce the risk of mold and bacteria growing in your kitchen, thereby protecting everyone's health.

How often should your kitchen hoods be inspected?

It is essential to respect the standards and laws surrounding the inspection of your kitchen hoods. The Quebec Construction Code refers to the NFPA 96 2011 standard to regulate the construction and maintenance of air ventilation systems for commercial kitchens.

To ensure adequate protection, authorities responsible for enforcing these standards, such as insurance companies and fire protection services, ensure and encourage the enforcement of these regulations.

Inspection and maintenance should be performed every 3 months in high volume kitchens, every 6 months in medium volume kitchens, and annually in limited use kitchens.

What are the agencies and codes associated with the maintenance of kitchen ventilation systems?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) establishes safety standards and codes relating to the maintenance of kitchen ventilation systems, including hoods and exhaust ducts.

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