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Housekeeping services

Greater Montreal area

Nuerava has been providing turnkey housekeeping services to Quebec businesses for over 10 years. Our customers benefit from a quality service offered by cleaning professionals at competitive prices.

Surface cleaning

Clean and odor-free surfaces

Our floor and restroom cleaning systems are designed to remove contaminants and odors. They reduce the risk of disease for safer and healthier results. We help you prevent cross-contamination in hygiene-critical areas.

Steam cleaning

Powerful and ecological

Steam cleaning is powerful and environmentally friendly. It helps eliminate allergens and pet odors, while killing those nasty invisible germs.

Electrostatic disinfection

Modern and effective disinfection

Surfaces contain countless bacteria. We use the electrostatic disinfection system because it is the most effective choice. We keep your place safe from viruses by developed tools, while getting rid of stressful and boring old ways!

High pressure washing

Efficient and reliable cleaning

We adopt high pressure washing because of its efficiency and reliability. It does not damage the surface and does not leave marks, while erasing all dirt.

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) detection test

Impeccable level of cleanliness

ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is a chemical found in all cells of living organisms. It stores energy and gives cells the energy they need to function.

The ATP test can detect the presence of this chemical so that we can then eliminate them.

State-of-the-art cleaning technologies

At the cutting edge of technology

Our contactless technologies and products are recommended and approved by the CDC, EPA, OSHA and FDA.

Disinfection of high-risk surfaces

Clean what is not visible

Anyone can clean what they see, but disinfect what you can't see? Well, it requires a specialized professional team! NUERAVA . Our equipment is not complete without mentioning the ATP test. ATP can measure bioburden levels in the environment and the ideal way to prove the level of cleanliness .

Cleaning process

A transparent process for an unforgettable customer experience

Phone meeting

Analysis of your needs

A 15-minute call allows us to identify your problems to suggest solutions. Gathering requirements and inspecting the work area is always mandatory to make a plan and estimate for the project as we do not work on the basis of assumptions.

Cost estimate

The best value for money

After gathering all the information about the workspace and services, we finalize the best quote for you. we are committed to providing the best services at the best price.

Execution of works

A turnkey service

Our members only use microfiber clothing when cleaning. They have amazing effects on the cleaning process, without leaving streaks or scratching delicate surfaces.