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Industrial high pressure and steam washing

Whether for industrial installations, warehouses, mobile fleets or heavy equipment, our expertise allows us to meet your needs with efficiency and precision.

✓ Immediate ice breaking on site
✓ Extension of service life by degreasing and deoxidation
✓ High pressure and high temperature sanitation
✓ Effective and safe chemical solutions
✓ Mobile units at your service
✓Specialized sanitation program for food vehicles

Tanks and cooling towers

Cleaning and maintenance

Our specialist technicians can take care of the cleaning and regular maintenance of your tanks, whatever their size or complexity, to ensure compliance with regulations and extend their lifespan.

✓ Qualified technicians for all types of tanks
✓ High-end equipment
✓ Diversified cleaning strategies

Silos and storage bins


Cleaning silos and storage bins requires special expertise due to strict regulations on entry into confined spaces. We are qualified to clean these according to standards.

✓ Increased expertise in cleaning confined spaces
Highly qualified team in compliance with cleaning standards

frequently asked Questions

What types of industrial cleaning do you offer?

We offer a full range of industrial cleaning services, including cleaning of warehouses, tanks of all types.

  • Mixing tanks
  • Wastewater tanks
  • Wastewater treatment systems
  • Storage tanks for wet and dry materials
  • Silos

We also carry out work on ducts.

What specific services are included in your industrial cleaning offers?

Our services include:

  • Cleaning the oil-water separator
  • Cleaning the base of pits and tanks
  • Cleaning line jets of all types
  • Dry vacuuming

Do you offer liquid waste management services? If so, what types of waste can you manage?

Yes, we offer a complete liquid waste management service. We process various types of waste, including:

  • Oily water
  • Paint waste
  • Wastewater treatment sludge
  • Coolants
  • Waste containing metals

Why is it important to keep cooling towers clean and what are the consequences of dirt accumulation?

Dirty cooling towers are not only aesthetically unpleasing, they can also pose serious performance and safety issues. Dirt buildup can lead to:

  • Slowing down the cooling process
  • Promote corrosion
  • Harboring dangerous pathogens

Building washing

Lavage Multi takes care of your building and all the damage that time, pollution or vandalism may have caused, on all types of materials!

✓ Treatment on all types of materials
✓ Restoration and protection of your surfaces
✓ Diversified services for all your needs
✓ Experience and advanced technology

Graffiti washing

With approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and affiliation with several environmental protection companies, Lavage Multi guarantees maximum compliance with current standards and respect for your equipment and surfaces to be treated. .

✓ Biodegradable products
Comprehensive employee training
Compliance with current standards

frequently asked Questions

What types of materials can you clean?

We clean a wide range of materials, including:

  • Metals
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Cement
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Plastic coverings
  • Floor tile
  • Ceramic

How do you handle cleaning painted surfaces without damaging the paint?

We use techniques and equipment that respect existing paints, thus ensuring the protection and preservation of treated surfaces.

Do you offer specialized cleaning services?

Yes, we offer various specialist services, including:

  • Graffiti Removal
  • Cleaning of drains, conduits, and tubes
  • Surface sanitation
  • Washing the tanks
  • Cleaning of bricks and stones
  • Post-disaster interventions
  • Industrial and warehouse cleaning
  • Residential cleaning for homes and multi-dwellings

Pressure and steam washing for your truck fleet

Our professional cleaning service helps you preserve the quality and durability of your vehicles.

✓ Elimination of road residue and stubborn dirt
✓ Reduced long-term maintenance costs
✓ Adaptability for all types of businesses

Trucks and trailers

Lavage Multi offers you several cleaning and treatment solutions.

  • High pressure cleaning, traditional soap brushing of the bodywork
  • Washing, brushing, sanitation of trailers
  • Degreasing of tugboat and trailer attachment systems
  • Deoxidation and degreasing of engine blocks
  • Deoxidation and treatment of exposed parts

For optimized maintenance, it is recommended to alternate these different washing techniques several times a year.

Construction vehicles

Lavage Multi offers a range of complete solutions for cleaning your construction site vehicles.

  • Cleaning and stripping earth, tar, cement
  • Treatment of salt, zinc, copper, glass, and construction site chemicals
  • Degreasing of engines and attachment systems
  • Intervention in the event of a leak from hydraulic systems
  • Deoxidation, rust treatment
  • Sandblasting
  • High temperature ice melting in winter

Agricultural vehicles

We also offer a sanitation program for food vehicles and agri-food buildings Cleaning and stripping the earth

  • Washing, degreasing the engine block and hydraulic system
  • Cleaning fuel leaks (gasoline, diesel)
  • Degreasing of engines and attachment systems
  • Intervention in the event of a leak from hydraulic systems
  • Deoxidation, rust treatment
  • Sandblasting
  • High temperature ice melting in winter

frequently asked Questions

What are the advantages of high pressure washing offered by our service?

High pressure washing allows:

  • High pressure water for better cleaning
  • A high temperature for better deglazing and degreasing
  • Deoxidation of metal surfaces with mild alkalis

What services are included in exterior truck cleaning and how is each part handled?

Our complete exterior truck cleaning includes washing the body, wheels and suspension.

For the cabin, we apply a degreaser, brush, then rinse, followed by the application of a cold wax.

Windshields are treated to dissolve fly marks and road film, with brushing and rinsing.

The frame and wheels also benefit from degreasing, scrubbing and rinsing.

Loading surfaces of trucks and trailers are cleaned by water jet or sweeping.

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