ClickCease Cleaning Services for the Healthcare Industry
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Cleaning in the health sector and clinics

Specialized Healthcare Cleaning Services

In the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are now more grateful than ever to the resilient healthcare industry: the medical staff, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and all the people who have sacrificed for the safety of others. We salute you, we respect your work, and we recognize your tireless efforts.

Protect your staff and patients

Impeccable cleaning quality

Although we live in the most difficult situations, our team is so capable of guaranteeing your satisfaction. We are always ready to create a better and cleaner space for the community.

We understand that healthcare industry facilities are critical. This is indeed a critical sector, where hygiene is imperative

Therefore, we provide you   intensive cleaning and disinfection   virus and disease spread prevention services.

Our team is in a   continuous fight against diseases and infections   to promote healthy living. Our services will effectively help you get the recognition you deserve.

This pandemic has brought revolutionary changes to what people consider “Ordinary”. Nevertheless, Nuerava is quickly adapting to the “new normal”.

We adhere to the highest hygiene standards

A favorable impact for public health

We use appropriate surface disinfection methods and government-approved industrial-grade equipment, optimizing a comfortable environment for healthcare professionals, patients and visitors.

Our healthcare work includes includes but is not limited to: clinics, nursing homes, doctors' offices, dental clinics, pharmacies, physiotherapy, sports medicine clinics, long-term care homes, laboratories and medical vehicles. frontline emergency. These cars are moving environments that need to be constantly cleaned and disinfected.

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