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Public calls for tenders for industrial cleaning

Discover the different opportunities in the field of industrial cleaning. Whether you are in Paris, Quebec or elsewhere, there are numerous public calls for tenders. From premises cleaning to industrial cleaning and housekeeping, these offers are accessible to everyone. Be aware of these opportunities and never miss any public contracts thanks to our platform.

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Understanding the industrial cleaning tender market

The industrial cleaning tender market is vast and constantly evolving. It includes specialized cleaning services for environments such as factories, warehouses and production facilities. The public sector, such as hospitals and schools, as well as the private sector, such as manufacturing and distribution companies, regularly publish tenders for these services.

This market is very competitive. In France, there are more than 13,000 cleaning companies. Each year, private companies and the public spend 16 billion euros cleaning their premises, with an average of 34,000 calls for tenders issued.

It is therefore crucial to understand this market well to succeed in winning contracts. This involves knowing the latest trends, specific tender requirements and how to stand out from the competition.

Selection criteria for industrial cleaning tenders

The selection of a supplier as part of an industrial cleaning call for tender is generally based on several criteria to guarantee quality service.

  • Quality of service: cleanliness is the first criterion of attention. It is therefore essential that the service provider is able to provide a quality professional cleaning service.
  • Experience and financial capacity: these elements are also taken into account. A service provider with solid experience and good financial capacity is often preferred.
  • Timeliness: Bidders must ensure that their proposals and all related documents are received at the specified address by the closing date and time.
  • Delivery terms and maintenance services: these criteria can also be taken into account.

It should be noted that certain calls for tenders may have eliminatory criteria.